x650 cafe drawing 1 thIntroducing a new café conversion kit for 650 Yamahas, Specials and standards.

COVID, customer work, and new product development have slowed progress on the 650 café kit. Slowly I’ll get there.

Future and existing components

  • Tank, 3 plus gallons, anti-ethanol coating, cap, petcocks and mounts
  • Tail, seat, brake/taillight and mounts
  • Fairing, body, shield and mounts (uses stock headlight)
  • Hidden turn signals
  • Graphics
  • Senior café bars
  • Front café fender, uses stock 8mm screws (done)

Yamaha 650 Café kit products completed

Front café fender

yamaha cafe r3 1 yamaha cafe r3 2

yamaha 650 cafe fender painted 1 yamaha 650 cafe fender painted 2

yamaha cafe r3 fender 1
Fender comes in white or in primer

To my knowledge, no one has attempted a nifty café fender for 650 Yamahas - the type found on 80s Japanese road race bikes. Well, let’s see if this one works for your project. It is dedicated for 650 forks and mounts with stock 8mm bolts. I have no clue if other Yamaha models shared the same forks.

These fenders come in white because I don’t know what color you have selected for your café 650 project. Therefor consider them "painters".

The fender comes out of a three-piece mold. Usually this means a slight unevenness to the part. I have sanded the fender to eliminate most of this but you will have to finish the surface before priming and painting. I have drilled the mounting holes - just use your stock 8mm fender mount bolts.

XS650 café Front Fender, white $125.00

Front Sport Fender

cinderella lump fender 1

If you don’t like the café fender, you might like this sporty version. It mounts just like the café fender. Comes drilled and in white.

XS650 Sport Front Fender $119.00